12 Nail Art Inspirations According to Zodiac Signs

The activity of beautifying nails is becoming increasingly popular among contemporary women. Many believe that nails are an essential aspect that can attract attention and boost confidence.

Nowadays, various decorative ornaments are available to enhance the appeal of nails. Indeed, there are numerous choices for nail art inspiration, ranging from patterned motifs, soft and vibrant colors, different colors for each nail, and so forth.

Nail art itself is the art of decorating nails to make them look beautiful and appealing. Nail art is one of the best ways to express yourself and update your appearance for every season. Have you ever tried a nail art style according to your zodiac sign?

1. Aquarius

A cloud and sky pattern that represents an independent yet rhythmic personality is also a suitable look for Aquarius. This nail art also gives the impression of appearing fair and creative

2. Pisces

Pearl embellishments are a timeless way to express oneself in nail art. Pearl adornments are particularly fitting for Pisces as one of the ruling planets of Pisces is Neptune, which governs the seas. These embellishments can eliminate the dullness in simple nail art.

3. Aries

In line with the bold, adventurous, and enthusiastic nature of Aries, creating nail art with vibrant colors is a fitting choice for this zodiac sign. You can experiment with red hues or designs featuring prominent colors with a different touch on each finger.

4. Taurus

Nail art with a touch of golden dots can be an option for Taurus, known for its rational yet romantic nature. Additionally, you can also explore neutral tones for a classic impression, or opt for nail polish with shimmering colors as a topcoat on your nails.

5. Gemini

Trying the rainbow nail trend can be an option for you if you’re a Gemini. This choice can blend a minimalist impression while still drawing attention.

6. Cancer


Pastel colors or hues symbolizing tranquility are suitable choices for someone with the Cancer zodiac. Pastel tones are fitting because the Cancer zodiac is associated with a warm, approachable, and wise impression.

7. Leo

Nail art with a glamorous touch is often synonymous with a Leo. You can opt for luxurious metallic colors such as gold, silver, and bronze according to your preference. This kind of look will exude the confidence of a Leo.

8. Virgo

Neutral colors for a Virgo’s manicure are a safe choice for them. If you find these colors too dull, you can incorporate patterns with neutral shades. Additionally, you can also try a French manicure with these neutral tones.

9. Libra

Nail art for Libra zodiac owners. (Source: Shutterstock) Ombre nail art is suitable for those with the Libra zodiac sign. With a touch of gradient colors, it serves as a daily reminder of balance, advising you to stay relaxed in your actions and not to push yourself too hard.

10. Scorpio

Nail art for Scorpio zodiac owners. Scorpios are known for their passionate and spirited nature. If you don’t want to reveal your soft side to others, try showcasing your ‘armor’ by using matte black colors. Additionally, you can use other colors like army green or brown to create a dramatic impression.

11. Sagitarius

Nail art for Sagittarius zodiac owners. Animal-themed nail art suits Sagittarians who are brave, adventurous, and unafraid to try new things. The animal theme depicts Sagittarius as someone who enjoys adventure but also doesn’t abandon a classic touch.

12. Capricorn

Nail art for Capricorn zodiac owners. Capricorns always weigh their options before deciding on something. Nail art with detailed straight cuts above the cuticles is the best choice that Capricorns can try.

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